Categories of Personnel

7.1 Personnel preparing DG consignments for transport (Personnel classifying dangerous goods for transport is provided simultaneously) - "Shippers & Packers” including operator's staff acting as shippers, operator's staff preparing DG as Company Materials (COMAT) and staff of freight forwarders acting on behalf of the Shipper.
7.2 Personnel responsible for processing or accepting goods presented as general cargo or processing mail other than dangerous goods.
7.3 Personnel responsible for processing or accepting dangerous goods consignments or accepting mail containing dangerous goods.
7.4 Personnel responsible for handling and storage of cargo or mail in a warehouse, loading and unloading ULD and loading and unloading aircraft cargo compartments.
7.5 Personnel responsible for accepting passenger and crew baggage, managing aircraft boarding areas and other functions involving direct passenger contact at an airport.
7.6 Personnel responsible for the planning of aircraft loading.
7.7 Flight crews.
7.8 Personnel responsible for flight operations and flight dispatchers.
7.9 Cabin crews.
7.10 Personnel responsible for security screening of passengers and crew, baggage, cargo and mail.

Eligibility Criteria

Capable of: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Understanding English Language.